Chip Thornsburg

Chip Thornsburg is the Program Coordinator for the Cyber Defense program at NE Lakeview College in San Antonio. Chip is responsible for developing curriculum and establishing hands-on lab projects to train the next generation of Cyber workers. Chip retains his status as a Master Peace Officer in Texas, Special Deputy U.S. Marshall, and Electronic Crimes Investigator for the City of Helotes. He has conducted cyber investigations for more than 10 years and is a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association and the US Secret Service: Electronic Crime Task Force.
Chip began his Infosec quest in the 1980’s launching a consulting business in 1996. Informal education was found online in BBS systems and IRC channels and at conferences like Nolacon, Blackhat and 2600 meetings. He obtained formal degrees from South Texas Junior College, San Antonio College, Texas A&M San Antonio and an MBA from Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

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How I got Hacked and So Can You!
Chip Thornsburg

How does a Cyber Crime Investigator and Cyber Security Professor get hacked on Social Media? It’s both harder and easier than you might imagine to hack someone who takes online security seriously. Join <redacted> as <they> details a personal social media account breach and the steps required by law enforcement to investigate and uncover the methods and means used by International Cyber Criminals to breach accounts for financial gain.

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