Duncan McAlynn

Duncan McAlynn is an award-winning InfoSec professional with over 25 years of experience consulting Fortune 500 organizations and government agencies on enterprise management & cybersecurity.

He is a published author, technical editor, industry columnist, keynote speaker and has obtained a number of certifications & awards throughout his career.

In 2017, he established a technical content development & research firm, Operandis, and works with some of the industry’s notable brands & startups to help them better communicate with their target audiences.

Most recently he has successfully completed the inaugural Harvard University Cybersecurity Risk Management program. Duncan is an active member in his local ISSA, ISACA & FBI InfraGard chapters, as well as a supporter of Security BSides events throughout his home state of Texas and around the globe.

When not working, Duncan, his wife Carol and their dog enjoy the freedom of living the #RVLife while exploring this great country.


A Look Inside Incident Response Planning
Duncan McAlynn

Effective incident response planning can make a world of difference in how your organization is viewed post-breach. There can be legal, financial and reputational losses when incidents are not properly handled. In this session, you will learn the ins and outs of what makes a successful Cybersecurity Incident Response Team and Plan, based on the experiences of a responder to the City of Atlanta ransomware attack.

In the Clouds
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