Payton Miller

Payton joined the Open Security team after completion of the Applied Cybersecurity Undergraduate Program at the SANS Institute of Technology. Having sharpened his pen-testing skillset and garnering recognition across the industry through his participation in various Capture-The-Flag competitions, Payton quickly set himself apart as a highly motivated self-starter. His experience in Web Application Development and offensive methodologies provide valuable insight to each of his engagements.


Advanced Phishing Threat (APT) - Exploiting Modern Features
Payton Miller

Phishing is notorious for its ease of exploitation, high success rate, and variable impact. We will discuss how attacker's can elevate the legitimacy of a phishing campaign using low-severity vulnerabilities, and common features in applications. More importantly, we will then discuss various ways which you can protect yourself or your organization from these out-of-band attacks, which could escalate into catastrophic attacks against yourself, or your organization.

In the Beginning
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