Venkatraman K

My name is Venkatraman K (goes by r3dw0lf_sec handle ), a passionate Information Security enhtuiast from India. I’m currently working as Security Analyst in a Cyber Security Startup. With over 3 years
working in the different subdomains of cyber security, I constantly find myself engaged with
learning, reading, discussing info-sec, participate in the CTF Challenges, conducting
workshops and webniars on cybersecurity, participating in bug bounty programs, writing
blogs and spent my weekend nights solving Hackthebox Challenges. I am specialized in Red Teaming and Active Directory exploitation. Follow my blog ( for awesome Infosec Articles.

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Understanding and Attacking Delegations in Active Directory
Venkatraman K

Active Directory is used by more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies, the all-pervasive AD is the focal point for adversaries. The Kerberos delegation feature in Active Directory (AD) is an impersonation type present since AD was introduced in Windows 2000. This Paper would demonstrate a set of attack scenarios for each type of delegations feature of Active Directory.

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