Kirsten Renner

Possibly best known as the co-organizer of Car Hacking Village and serial volunteer across our community, Kirsten has been recruiting, primarily in infosec since 2010. After a brief spell programming and running help desks, she settled into recruiting, and specializes in the hacking community. Following a 6 year journey as the Director of Recruiting at Novetta, recently acquired by Accenture Federal Services (AFS), Kirsten now runs recruiting for the AFS National Security Portfolio. When she's not recruiting (and when is she ever really not doing that), she's doing all she can to help active duty service members and veterans, and possibly running a marathon or an ultra.

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Kirsten Renner

Imagine if interviewers would apply emotional intelligence, fairly, to every interview, eliminating bias and giving candidates a fair chance to show their capabilities.
Beyond compliance measures and the basic measuring of required skills, we need to get to the root of the ultimate qualifier: WILLINGNESS AND ABILITY, and eliminate behaviors that create extra challenge to individuals who are battling invisible obstacles like neurodiversity.

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