Chip Thornsburg

Chip Thornsburg is a Professor of Cyber Defense for NE Lakeview College in San Antonio. Chip is responsible for developing curriculum and practical lab projects to train the next generation of Cyber workers.
Chip began his quest for security knowledge in the 1980’s launching a research and consulting business in 1996 specialized in network communications and security. Informal education was found online in BBS systems and IRC channels and in person at conferences like Defcon, Blackhat and 2600 meetings. He obtained formal degrees from South Texas Junior College, San Antonio College, Texas A&M San Antonio and an MBA from Texas A&M Corpus Christi.
Chip taught and lectured on Technology and Criminal Justice subjects at River City College, Southern Careers and North Texas State. He is also a previous speaker at NolaCon, Texas Cyber Summit, and B-Sides San Antonio.

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Stop Trying to be a Unicorn!
Chip Thornsburg

What do you really need to do to break into the cyber security field? In a world that focuses on that “one” individual or that “one” company as a measure of success, where do you start? What formal education and certifications really pay off when trying to join the cyber workforce?

In the Thick of It
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