Gary Kasper

Gary Kasper is a dedicated and mission driven Identity Theft Expert with more than 10 years in the Identity Theft, Fraud, and Cyber Crime arena. He has assisted more than 1000 individuals and 100+ businesses with education and protection of their identities He has spoken for, University of Texas A&M Department of Finance and Administration, Michigan Insurance Associations National Convention 2021, Austin Small Business Week, Texas National Title for Realtors, National Association of Residential Property Managers, Williamson County Human Resource Association, West Austin Chamber of Commerce. He is a Keynote Speaker and published author. In 2008, Gary learned he had become a victim of Identity Theft. He discovered that there was an actual warrant for his arrest in the state of Texas for check fraud in 1983 during which time Gary was in Germany. Yes, someone had used his identity. Facing arrest and jail time he decided to clear his name.

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Consumer Identity Theft 101: What You Need To know
Gary Kasper

The Identity Theft course is designed to explain in detail exactly all aspects of consumer Identity Theft. The attendees will have the opportunity to observe how this dangerous crime has grown and directly affect’s individuals, businesses, and large companies. The attendees will have the opportunity enter act through various exercises and learn what identity theft is.

In the Beginning
Track 2 (Moody Rm 101)