Annabelle Klosterman

Annabelle Klosterman is a Cyber Operations student at Dakota State University and Co-Founder of the Cyber Community Club. As a high school student, Annabelle worked as an Information Systems Assistant at a data center providing services to 15+ banks throughout the state. Now, she is a Cybersecurity Engineer, researcher, and speaker. Annabelle has been a national finalist for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and CyberPatriot. She holds SANS certifications in Cybersecurity Technologies and Cloud Security.

Mariel Klosterman is a Network Security student at Dakota State University and Co-Founder of the Cyber Community Club. Mariel has presented at professional groups and conferences including Silicon Valley High Technology Crime Investigation Association, InfraGard South Dakota, NEbraskaCERT, and OSMOSISCon and received the 2021 Open Source Rising Star of the Year Award. She has appeared on podcasts such as PI Perspectives, Great Women in Fraud, and OSINT Cocktail.

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Utilizing Your Skill Sets and Opening New Opportunities from a Different Perspective
Annabelle Klosterman

Empowering technology students and professionals to shift their mindset in order to maximize their full potential as cybersecurity professionals. Technology students and professionals are less likely to pursue opportunities which they believe they are not fully qualified for due to a critical difference in mindset. We introduce a different approach to viewing and applying your skill sets which will open up more opportunities for you to excel in the field.

In the Thick of It
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