Advancing DevSecOps Metrics
2022-06-18, 11:00–11:45, Track 2 (Moody Rm 101)

Everyone wants better metrics to make better decisions. Do you know how to advance your metrics to create success? Integrate a clear path to improved performance.

Every company wants to accelerate, deliver more, faster, and increase customer value and return profit to stakeholders. Every DevOps business understands core metrics but advancing values requires resolving known unknowns behind the initial numbers. Accomplishing initial metrics leads to some understanding but allows deriving additional details. Subsequent metrics should be small, focused on acceleration and provide clarity to feedback. Provided examples demonstrate how time to change, deployment frequency, restoration time, and change failure rates can be deconstructed to provide advanced solutions. Software tools exist to easily manage telemetry everywhere and increase overall value through advanced metrics.
Key Takeaway: Understanding why metrics matter and how they apply to your company

I work for BrainGu as a Product Manager providing Senior Engineering Technical Assistance on a System Coordination Team on a US Air Force cyber weapon system program in San Antonio, TX. Since retiring from US Air Force intelligence career, I have worked on 4 different major programs associated with DevOps. As a cybersecurity expert, I hold several certifications including a CISSP. During a practical doctorate in strategic studies, I authored, "Cashing in on Cyberpower" to analyze 10 years of cyber-attacks from an economic perspective. I have a BS in English, an MS in Management, a DSS in Security and am a doctoral Candidate at Capella in Information Technology/Cybersecurity and Information Assurance