BSidesSATX 2023

Ross Bryant

Ross Bryant, Ph.D. is the Senior Security Researcher at Phylum and leads the Phylum Research Team. Ross has over two decades of cybersecurity and math research experience. Prior to joining Phylum in late 2021, he worked as a research project lead at Sandia National Labs where he led a team that researched and developed real-time analytic solutions to network forensics problems. He has also worked in cybersecurity operations for the NSA and U.S. Air Force and as an Applied Research Mathematician for the NSA.


Malware and Malicious Code in the Open Source Software Supply Chain
Ross Bryant

Bad actors are targeting your developers through open source software. In this talk you will find a variety of specific examples of recent supply chain attacks in software ecosystems such as npm and PyPI. You will also learn about recent trends and techniques in these attacks, and ideally you will learn about how to lower the risk of a compromise in your software development environment. This talk is intended for all audiences, and no prior knowledge of malicious code or malware is assumed.

In the Weeds
Track 1 (UC Conference Rm A)