BSidesSATX 2023

Jeremy Galloway

Jeremy Galloway has been active in the security scene since 2002, focusing on the dark corners of the internet, hacktivism, penetration testing, intelligence gathering, privacy technologies, threat detection, incident response, cybercrime, building security products and just about everything in between. He's previously spoken at BSides Austin, BSides San Antonio, BSides Las Vegas, ISSW, BlackHat, and SecTor. Jeremy is a proud member of both the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Austin chapter of The Satanic Temple.

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Cover your SaaS: Cloud threat Detection beyond Endpoints
Jeremy Galloway

As businesses around the world continue to rapidly adopt SaaS solutions and products, defenders need to evolve their threat detection and response capabilities to this new landscape, which means thinking beyond the standard endpoint and into the SaaS applications themselves. Defense-in-depth means not just monitoring activity on your own systems and infrastructure but actively looking for threats and suspicious activities within the myriad SaaS applications in use at your organization.

In the Clouds
Track 3 (Moody Rm 102)