BSidesSATX 2023

Ozgun Kultekin

Ozgun is a 22 year old Offensive Security Engineer at Trendyol Group, focusing on breach & attack simulation and penetration testing. Prior to joining Trendyol, Ozgun gained valuable experience in the realm of wireless security, specializing in Bluetooth, RF protocols, Wi-Fi, and other related technologies.

Currently, his primary focus revolves around the advancement of red team operations and penetration testing, with a particular emphasis on web security.

Ozgun holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering as well as the OSCP certification. When he's not around, you'll likely find him busy demolishing CTF competitions or embarking on thrilling bug hunting expeditions in the vast wilderness of the web!

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SIEM Slam: Tricking Modern SIEMs with Fake Logs and Confusing Blue Teams (Pre-Recorded)
Ozgun Kultekin

Our research has uncovered a sneaky tactic that attackers use to outsmart modern Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, such as Splunk. By creating and injecting fake logs, attackers can divert the attention of blue teams and conceal their real attacks. In this study, we explore this devious approach and provide an in-depth analysis of how it can be used to deceive security operations. Specifically, we examine the vulnerabilities of SIEM tools, with Splunk as a prime example.

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