BSidesSATX 2023

Justin Ibarra

Justin Ibarra is the leader of the Threat Research and Detection Engineering team at Elastic, where he was previously a principal security research engineer. He focuses on many aspects of offensive and defensive security research, including endpoint, cloud, and web based technologies. He spends a lot of time in telemetry and building detection capabilities, while also continually looking for ways to advance and evolve detection engineering approaches and principles.

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Homophonic Collisions: Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza
Reagan Short, Justin Ibarra

We’ll demonstrate a few practical approaches to exploiting human misunderstanding as a result of homophones to passively collect sensitive information, along with some redacted real-world examples. Domains registered for soundsquatting purposes are likely to be missed by typosquatting detection tools like DNSTwist. We will release defensive and detection mechanisms to help find vulnerable use cases within registered domains, language packaging pipelines, and social media handles.

Track 1 (UC Conference Rm A)