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Sandip Dholakia

Sandip Dholakia works as a principal security architect within SAP Global Security Group. Before joining SAP, Sandip was an information security architect at Enterprise Information Security Group at Cisco Systems. Sandip has also worked as a security architect and compliance leader at General Motors, where he supported end-to-end security activities for a large functional unit. Sandip has authored a book, holds a US patent and published papers/blogs on various security topics including a feature article on zero trust in ISSA Journal. Sandip has CISSP, CCSP, CCSK, GIAC WAPT and AWS security certifications and is a member of InfraGard.

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SciFi to Reality: Use of AI in Cybersecurity (Pre-Recorded)
Sandip Dholakia

Global spending on AI is expected to reach $500 billion by end of 2023, how will hackers use this technology?

Join SAP Cybersecurity Expert Sandip Dholakia and find out more about how AI will be used by cybercriminals to infiltrate systems and how the cybersecurity industry is fighting back.

Sandip will enlighten the audience with facts about how hackers can compromise your privacy and security using AI and how cybersecurity professionals can use AI to protect your data and information.

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