BSidesSATX 2023

The Darkside of GraphQL
2023-06-10, 11:30–12:15, Track 1 (UC Conference Rm A)

GraphQL is a query language for APIs that provides a powerful and efficient way to query and manipulate data. As powerful and versatile as GraphQL is, its downside is that it can be vulnerable to certain security threats. In this presentation, we will discuss the security vulnerabilities associated with GraphQL, from the basics to more advanced threats, and how to best protect against them. After this presentation, attendees will have a better understanding of security vulnerabilities in GraphQL

Parth Shukla is a cyber security analyst at Cequence Security and has a great passion for Web Application Security. Parth Shukla is also a Bug hunter; community builder and Cyber security enthusiast and I believe in the quote “security is a myth”.