BSidesSATX 2023

Challenging the Standard
2023-06-10, 10:00–10:45, Track 3 (Moody Rm 102)

With the ever-evolving threat landscape, the cyber community faces new challenges daily. From advanced persistent threats (APTs) to targeted attacks, the need for comprehensive threat intelligence has never been greater. This presentation will delve into the threat intelligence strategies used by threat hunters to detect and thwart APTs, as well as highlight the actions that the industry must take to stay ahead of the game.

Dr. J. will shed light on the discoveries from a Qualitative Case Study called "Strategies Using Threat Intelligence to Detect Advanced Persistent Threats." The presentation will delve into the pressing challenges that we are facing in the cybersecurity industry today, specifically when it comes to threat intelligence. Dr. J. will be emphasizing the strategies that threat hunters are employing to detect and prevent APTs. Lastly, the talk will conclude with an analysis of the necessary actions that the cybersecurity community must collectively take to counteract the destructive effects of APTs. Overall, this talk will be an insightful, informative, and eye-opening experience for professionals in the industry.

Dr. Melisa A. Joyner is a USAF Education with Industry Fellow (EWI) at Counter Hack. She specializes in cyber mission planning, cyber convergence, purple teaming, and integrating intelligence into operations to bring lethality into execution and information warfare. She has experience in threat hunting, purple teaming, ICS, and cyber threat intelligence and is experienced in incident response. During her off time, she is a technical mentor for the local Cyber Patriot team.